Some men
must die

A Motion Picture


Thomas Mettler
Thomas Mettler (CH) - author, director
Thomas Mettler received his artistic education at the School of Marcel Marceau in Paris and works since 37 years in dance and theatre. During his dance career he worked i.a. with David Zambrano, Nigel Charnock, Russell Maliphant, Laurie Booth and Kirstie Simson. He’s internationally known as improviser, dancer, director, mime, clown and actor. He created numerous pieces and projects where theatre and dance mix.
Thomas is the author as well as the director of the project Some Men Must Die, a film after his original stage play Some Men Must Die from 2015. He will not only direct the shooting of the film but also writing the script and playing and dancing the leading role of the Ukrainian Director (The Thinking Man).
Thomas website:
Pavel Boyko 
Pavel Boyko (UKR) - camera
Thomas and Pavel have worked together before. In 2015, Pavel documented the premiere of Some Men Must Die in theatre. In 2017, they produced together the short dance film transitio in nature (17’). As Thomas and Pavel share a mutual vision about colour and framework, their cooperation for Some Men Must Die is very promising.
Nataliya Perchyshena (UKR) – Light Design
For Some Men Must Die, Nataliya will design the light for the scenes in theatre as well as for the scenes which will be filmed outdoor. As part of the colour concept of the film, her lights will emphasize the dichotomy of “theatre” and “reality”.
Olena Zadorozhna (UKR) – advisor
Olena is a journalist and writer. From 2002 to 2010, Olena worked at the local TV-Radio Channel “Ltava.” In 2004, she was a member of the “Orange Revolution”, after this event she gained a growing interest in the political processes in Ukraine.
Olena’s poems played an important part in developing the script for Some Men Must Die.
Lyuba Yakimchuk (UKR) – poems
Lyuba is an Ukrainian poet, screenwriter and journalist. She was born in Pervomaisk, Luhansk oblast, Ukraine and is the author of several full-length poetry collections.
Her poems accompany, as part of the script, some of the most important dance scenes in Some Men Must Die, giving them a third layer of meaning.
Oleksii Busko (UKR) – dancer
The professional dancer Oleksii Busko, who masters dance techniques from classical to modern dance, is a laureate of the 11th Competition of ballet “Arabesque-2010” in 2010, the winner oft he Grand-prix at 25-th international competition of contemporary dance IFMC in Belorussia (2012), awardee of the 5-th international competition of contemporary dance (2012), finalist of the Contest of choreographers “Context” by Diana Vishneva in Moscow and St. Petersburg (2016) as well as the Contest of choreographers “Moscow ballet competition” (2016).
In Some Men Must Die, Oleksii will dance the leading part of the Senior Officer.
Dmitry Pohribnichenko (UKR) – dancer
Dmitry is a modern dancer who received his professional education i.e. at the Luhansk Academy of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Lugansk national university named after Taras Shevchenko.
In Some Men Must Die, Dmitry will dance and play the leading part of Officer Dima.
Oleksandr Formanchuk (UKR) – actor
Oleksandr was born in 1982. He graduated at the University I.K. Karpenko-Karogo for cinema, television and theatre in Kiev. He currently works at the National Theater Ivan Franko.
In Some Men Must Die he will play the leading parts of Officer Aleksandar and Private Sasha.
Volodymyr Kovbel (UKR) – actor
In Some Men Must Die, Volodymyr plays the part of Soldier Andrej.
Natalia Khomenko (UKR) – singer
Natalia is a folklore specialist, scientist, a performer of Ukrainian folk songs. She is researching the traditional Ukrainian culture, deals with issues of preserving national cultural heritage, studies traditional cultural practices, their specific regional features and the specificity of rendering authentic samples in second environment.
In the project Some men must die she plays the leading part of Natalia and performs samples of Ukrainian song folklore, recoded during the expedition from the bearers of authentic tradition in different regions of Ukraine.
Daria Tsyhipa (UKR) – dancer
Daria hold a Bachelor’s degree in modern choreography from the National Academy of Managerial Staff of Culture and Arts in Kiev and a Master’s degree in modern choreography and art culture from the Kherson State University.
In Some Men Must Die, Daria will play the supporting role of the Bride.
Lorenzo Massa (IT) – dancer
Lorenzo Massa was born in 1994 in Napoles. In 2013 he was admitted at the academy of dramatic art directed by Danio Manfredini (Teatro Bellini-Napoles). He graduated in 2016 and moved to Barcelona to learn more about dance and physical theatre. From 2016 to 2018 he studied in Moveo, physical theatre and corporal mime school (Barcelona).
In Some Men Must Die, Lorenzo will play a supporting role and act as shooting assistant.
Irena and Vojtěch Havlovi (CZE) – Film score
In more than fifteen years of their joint activity, Czech artists Irena Havlová and Vojtěch Havel have passed through several distinctive stages of development. They started to work together in the mid-80s, at the experimental Capella Antiqua e Moderna ensemble which won both public and critical acclaim.
Irena & Vojtech Irena will compose and record the soundtrack for the film Some Men Must Die.
Olga Kebas (UKR) – production assistant UKR
Olga holds a Master’s degree in Contemporary Choreography from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Currently, she teaches in her 9th year modern dance (higher category) at the College of choreographic art KMAT named after Serge Lifar (Kyiv municipal Academy of dance named after Serge Lifar).
As production assistant for the project Some Men Must Die, she is responsible for fundraising and communication in Ukraine. She also acts as a set coordinator during shooting.
Helena Mettler (CH) – producer CH
Helena, Thomas Mettler’s wife, was born in Eastern Switzerland. She holds a Master's degree in Philosophy from the University of Switzerland and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree (PhD) in French literary studies and cultural studies at the same university. Professionally, she holds the position of Head of the Cultural Department at a main city in Eastern Switzerland.
As producer for the project Some Men Must Die, she is mainly responsible for fundraising, the projects website and communication. She also assists Thomas in adapting the play to the film script.
Further: Translators, set-assistants, drivers, workers etc. who will contribute
a vital part to the success of the project.