Some men
must die

A Motion Picture


Last works in the sound studio are almost done, end titles are finished, english subtitles also... We have already applied for the first fifteen international film festivals.


Due to Covid restrictions, the movie director's stay in Ukraine had to be postponed. Editing of the movie as well as the color-graiding, we are currently working on the english translation and subtitles. We keep you updated about our progress with post-production!

Summer 2020

Recordings for the original music score fpr 'Some Men Must Die' by multiple award-winning composers Irena & Vojtech Havlovi in Prague. Recently, Mr and Mrs Havel won the Czech Lion for their music for the film 'Křižáček'.

11th - 22nd November 2019 & 2nd - 15th December 2019

Second and third period of fine editing in the editor's studio in Kiev.

16th - 21st October 2019

Elaboration of first drafts for the film score with composer Vojtech Havel in Switzerland.

15th - 30st August 2019

Text/vocal/music recordings with actors & singer in recording studios Kiev.

19 January 2019

We have produced a first teaser for press and our fundraising campaign for the post production. Please write to to get a code for access.

5 September 2018

...aaaaannnddd: editing has started!

4 September 2018

Whatch the BBC Ukraine interview with Thomas about the motion picture project:

2 September 2018

Olga, Olena, Lyuba, Pasha and Thomas spoke about the project with the
Ukraine Crisi Media Center. You can read the interview HERE.

30 August 2018

Final shots at the shores of the Dnepr.

29 August 2018

Rehearsing and shooting at the Mala Opera.

22 August 2018

Two words, one movie highlight: A weeding!

20 August 2018

Many many hours of organization went by until this day finally came: A truck in the middle of the frame. What a beauty!

14 August 2018

Today, the crew shot one of the most demanding scenes on stage. An outstanding day!

12 August 2018

Shooting under a bridgte at the Maidan

8 August 2018

The crew shoots a scene on stage at the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater, which supports the production with free rehearsing space.

30 July - 5 August 2018

Some men must GET ALL SANDY whilst shooting in the dunes!


Some impressions of the shooting with Natalia in Kiev:


An angel has found its way to the set and into the movie:


...aaand some more sand, mixed with some storm, shot in the rain.


The weather in Kiev is unpredictable. The next day, Thomas and Pavel shoot the "Thinking Man"s solo early in the morning to avoid the burning sun.

28 July 2018

Today, the team is shooting an opening scene on the river.
Thomas' vision: A coat floating by the shore. As the coat refuses to do its job properly,
sailor Alexandr jumps in - and helps out!


A first scene of "The Thinking Man" at the shores of the Dniepr
was shot at the same day. From land and from water!


You know its a low budget film when the main acors
have to dig out the mass graves...


Everybody is happy at the end of an intense day.

25 July 2018

It's true: This scenes were shot in the midst of the city!

21 July 2018

Shooting in Ukraine has started - enjoy the first impressions:

16 June - 5 July 2018

In June 2018, Thomas invited up to ten dancers and actors from Ukraine and Italy to his home in Switzerland for rehearsing. Thomas worked with them in different constellations, on different locations and - of course - different scenes of the movie. Have a look!

A kitchen is always a perfect workingspace:


...and then there are the woods and the river:


...and streets are perfect for ... rehearsing street-scenes!

6 Mai 2018

In one sequence of the final movie Thomas will use some black and white war photographs. Natalia is going to be in some of them. A first photo shooting (with an almost too happy child) took place in Kiev today.

5 & 6 Mai 2018

Audition for supporting roles (dancers).

4 Mai 2018

First reading of the new texts and poems by Lyuba Yakimchuk.

2nd Mai 2018

Meeting the latest crew member!
(To fully appreciate this love at the first sight consider that Thomas is actually a cat person!)

30 April 2018

Now it starts to feel real! The first stills from the last days test shootings:

29 April 2018

Shooting taken literally: Thomas and Pavel take some test shots at the harbour in Kiev.

26 April 2018

We are very happy that people in Kiev show a keen interest in our project! Open arms everywhere and so much willingness to help! We, on the other hand, are very open and always ready to inform the press about the movie project "Some Men Must Die". We will share all the interviews Thomas gave during his stay in Kiev as soon as possible.

26 April 2018

Tanks, tanks - and some more cranes! Thomas and Olena are scouting for some heavy machinery. Who would have thought that they can be this pittoresque? What a thought! From now on, Thomas never leaves the house without his frame.

25 April 2018

Physical theatre masterclass for professional actors at the Ukrainian National Theatre Kiev.

25 April 2018

Reunion with old friend Dima, who will be playing the part of "Officer Dima".

24 April 2018

First day in Kiev, and the work already starts! Thomas is meeting poet Lyuba to discuss some additional texts for the movie, and he and Pavel work intensivly on the shooting scedule.

23 April - 7 Mai 2018

Thomas, Olga and Pavel are currently location scouting in and around Kiev. Thomas is also meeting wit Lyuba and Olena to discuss their poems. With Pavel, he's organizing the film shooting in autumn. A lot of work - but still: They seem to have fun with it!