Some men
must die

A Motion Picture


Some Men Must Die is a feature-length dance film based on the physical theatre production of the same name from 2015 by Swiss theatre director Thomas Mettler. The film's theme is the Ukrainian war, which stands exemplary for military conflicts all over the world.

The audience accompanies the film's protagonist, an Ukrainian dance and theatre director, to the shores of the Dnieper, where he ponders an upcoming dance piece about the Ukrainian conflict. His son also serves at the front. The director struggles with himself: How can he, who has stayed at home, allow himself to stage a play about the war? What does he know about the horror that soldiers and civilians experience? Will it not always stay completely abstract for every outsider? Those are the questions that accompany him - and with him also the viewer - in the staging of fights, injuries, hope, suffering, love and death.



Our first film teaser is done

We have produced a first teaser for press and our fundraising campaign for the post production. Please write to to get a code for access.

Documentary about the creation


* Download the Factsheet of "Some Men Must Die" HERE *